Sunday, June 29

the guest for this week's power98 acoustic lounge sounds good. jillian thomas? yep, i think that's the name. her voice is like warm chocolate fudge over rich vanilla ice cream, very soothing on a warm and restless sunday afternoon with no agenda on hand. hearing live music, even from the radio, makes me want to revisit timbre again. i miss my pint, and of course, i haven't try the pizzzza yet.

i just planned my work schedule for luwen, and i guess i will not disappearing from my cubicle as much as the last module. as much as i want to take time off to fully concentrate on the assignements, i know i need to start pulling the bank balance up north if i want to go anywhere near west at all. the mom's nagging is increasing everyday as the date is nearing.

happy early 21st birthday, audrey! so i went to her chalet bbq, which happens to be my first this year. yes i am ashamed for declining all the invitations for the first half of the year. i really think that when october comes, nobody would remember my birthday. she looks great in her dress and makeup, certainly coming a long way since our secondary days. and please, eileen had to remind us wearing our shorts back then. i wonder now how i manage to gather all my courage to wear that pair of shorts in those days. i would never ever again wear the shorts even if i have to be allergic to chocolate. speaking of which, i still keep the pair of shorts. somehow, the pair signifies all the good memories i have with the girls during the period where we will laugh our way through our afternoons and going for deep-fried oyster cakes at that shop along the main road.

with friends actually going to sentosa for volleyball and the new teevee show coming up, my arms are itching to play a round already. when when, fellow kakis?!

after those few weeks, the euro is ending with the finals tomorrow morning with germany thrashing it out with spain! i'm looking forward! but.. first to meet my buddy at our favourite o' place for some nice hot cheese fries! this weekend is my "pigout-all-i-can-day" just because i am feeling crampy and you want to see an angry and grumpy me right. so don't you dare stop me from eating. i miss my cheese fries....

i am sick and tired of friends cancelling plans at the last minute. yeah, whatever. at least you spare us with the excuses. that's why i don't like to make plans which spares me the disappointment later on.

pictures next time, because m1 vodafone is so slow that master wu gui will agree with me too.

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