Wednesday, May 14

i'm tired, and some schoolwork are still not done. but, today is so fun! i must at least record something.

i'm pretty ashamed to say that today is the 1st time i visit the singapore arts museum, considering how i am at least in some bit, an arts student.

but still, the approx. 2-hour visit was well, nice. the place is better than i thought, although i couldn't help compararing the whole premises to the ones i visited during my london trip. if not for the compulsory field trip required by dr. k, i think i wouldn't find the time and spend the money to actually step into the building.

the day didn't start out quite right first thing in the morning when i had to do closed-window shopping while waiting for my breakfast partners, who are, thirty minutes late. i could use some extra sleep, thank you. oh, and it was my first time trying the mcgriddles! out of the five people i surveyed, only one said it was good. so... hmm. but i thought it was not bad! it may be dued to my hungry stomach or maybe i am biased to anything more sweet than salty.
after the expensive but not-at-all filling breakfast, i thought i could do some nice early morning walking to the museum, but the sky had to rain today when it had been on mega-sunny mode for the past few mornings. and lazy me did not want and refuse to carry an umbrella, i had to brave the rain before i gave up and ask for a brolly loan from the posb mailroom uncle.

but the whole rain thing certainly enhanced the museum experience. the thunder echoed through the rooms when on certain occasions, i was pretty sure it was my stomach growling. there is this musty smell in the air, probably because the mixture of the new paints and bricks, and old acrylics and oils. in every other room, there will be some random classmate and we would exchange hi-s (well, the place isn't that big to get lost in even if i wanted to). when the group of secondary monkeys took over the museum, i was more than ready to leave.

and thanks to the rain, joycestick had this impromtu and random craving for, of all things, bugis mushroom hotpot. so, i have to pay $1 for a two-stop trip down to the place. because our good old "chong qing" place is closed and we don't want to pay $18, we settled at this $10.10 alternative instead, where chicken soup = plain water and "ma la" soup = plain water plus chilli. after conan-"tiao wei shi", whom just had a horrible haircut i might add, dropped some heavy doses of msgs and oils in the soups, we just eat and eat and eat. the dudes shared tales of balls and porn and boobs. we laughed at "nice" toilets, "teaching" animal sex, boob-fat transfers and everything not-nice. i didn't realized how much i missed long meals with much laughter with classmates until today as it seems i am always racing off to somewhere after classes.

and and. this is the first time in my life where i went for desserts after a steamboat buffet. these people are mad. after that, shopping for joycestick (as usual), and i proudly showed off my middle-toe power to the gang at C&K. then, it's the long bus ride home without my DS.. no ezlink card, no umbrealla, no DS.

erm here are some more recent pictures. if you're interested to see how i fatten up this year. total disaster.

April - Wild Rocket for Sweetie's birthday

Lasksa Pesto Spaghetti

Crabmeat Chilli Spaghetti (can't remember the name!)

their version of chocolate lava cake (too small)

tiramisu with gula melaka

the girl!

Rive Gauche Strawberry Shortcake

random food

oreo chiffon cake at tanjong pagar mrt station (no taste of cookie at all)

dry crab beehoon at block 401 (my parents are obsessed with this)

rocky masters - salmon pottie pie

Spageddies - Paragon
Treat for Mr Kelvin How

primo combo. calamari, cheese, soft-shell crab

my vegetable sizzlelini (veg + pasta on hotplate with tomato sauce - super good)

wahaha. cheese pasta with mr how.

after that, we went for cakes at canele.

rich, dark chocolate cake

green tea cake. super appetising after a heavy meal.

hopefully can get more photos up soon. speaking of which, i am still pretty cluless on what to do for the arts presentation due on thursday. but, i got the whole house to myself for the long holiday! i'm more excited than being worried about the loneliness of staying alone at home for the weekend nights.

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