Wednesday, May 7


what can $300 get you?

- good hair days for at least six months

- dinner for two at equinox

- 200 durian pancakes from amk hub

- 2 shopping sprees at mango

- an ipod from states

- hotel high tea for the whole family

- expenses for birthday chalet covered

- 1 hour of outlet shopping in the states

- nine 14" Sunshine Fantasy pizzas from Pizza Defrance

- software to save my compaq

and and..

i know i haven't been updating as much as i used to, but thing is, i have been very lazy to work anything - body and brain. i am kind of stuck in a routine now, and cannot wait to step into another new routine when school starts. the course syllabus looks promising and although i know it will sure be tiring juggling work and assignments, it will be fun! i kind of miss taking long 105 bus rides between work and school too...

baobao is coming and the countdown starts! there is some small pockets of time in between to plan what to do when she comes back. i think time will fly by so quickly when she's here that it will be like how she is coming back when it only feels like we were at changi airport last week. sigh. but i'm looking forward to the june holidays when the besties will all be free from exams and can officially meet without the nagging thoughts of revision amidst dinners and shoppings.


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