Monday, May 19

Come Here

There's wind that blows in from the north.
And it says that loving takes this course.
Come here. Come here.
No I'm not impossible to touch I have never wanted you so much.
Come here. Come here.
Have I never laid down by your side.
Baby, let's forget about this pride.
Come here. Come here.
Well I'm in no hurry. Don't have to run away this time.
I know you're timid.
But it's gonna be all right this time.

sometimes, touch is redundant.

"Before Sunrise" is such a gem. this part of the movie happens to be my favorite part, and the beautiful song suits perfectly. i just hope i can remember to catch the sequel coming sunday. i hate how i have to spend my long weekend working on essays and projects. but then, i better end all the playing and holidaying and spending money so fast. after discussing the possible routes for end-year, i need to work doubly (make it triply) hard to earn enough cash. (*-*)

and maybe one day, i can embark on "world-around-80-years" plan.

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