Friday, May 23


he always says i'm "lost", but...

written by our very own ba wan! he had the chance to interview zhang dong liang! i don't like how his english name is nicholas teo, isn't that supposed to be xie ting feng's name? how original, tsk tsk. zhang dong liang probably had that name since he is borned in some malaysia kampung but i don't care. nicholas teo = xie ting feng. roar.

ok anyway, still happy for you fav! it must feels so good to see your own story with your name on it online!

so i slept for a full 12 hours last night and am still feeling pretty knocked out. i am amazed with the energy level of these bunch of people. after an all-night soccer match after a whole day of activity, they still can go for school presentation and an all-afternoon buffet lunch. siao gin na-s. and i am more crazy to follow them. but still, this week has been tremendously fun - breaking away from the normal work routine, going to school and museum, calling in sick for work, and spending like we're some rich kids from rich families on impromtu singing and hotpots.

and now, just to get a hold of my own thoughts. time to collect all the pieces all over and as sinlei says, not to think too much. the reality is the now, not what we want and expect it to be anyway. isn't it better to be more realistic and focus on what needs and should be done?

but still, i hope.

here are the champions again! watching the penalties for the second time didn't ease the tension away at all. still nerve-wercking all the same! just wished i had watched it at somewhere i was more comfortable at so i can do all sorts of crazy stuff. nine years ago, when my brother and i was still crazy over it all, i bit his arm.

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