Tuesday, May 27


ok, it's time for some shameless advertising for my beloved gang.

this time, let's congratulate ms joyce ang jie ying and mr poh mingwei - finally good news for the both of them. ah, it's about time for them isn't it? it has been so long, and finally they have an 爱的结晶。

HAHA! sorry to disappoint all endearing fans of theirs out there but sorry, they are not dropping us the red bomb (soon though i hope). instead, they have a product together at cna, joining favian in leaving their very own piece online. CONGRATS!

LW just came back from a week vacation from japan. i will be lying if i say i missed her, not that i don't want her back, but i liked that period when i can blast music through earphones and have the freedom to do things the way i prefer. anyway she got me a lavander keychain and some nori. i thought she would bring a cute jap boy boy back for me but maybe she forgot about that.

dreams for dresses.

and i haven't found the right pair of loafers with the right sheen in the right size.

it seems like no one is going to the cao ge concert. WHY!

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