Tuesday, April 8

money, money, money must be funny in the rich man's world
money, money, money always sunny in the rich man's world

i'm biting my nails already and i think i'm going to pee in my lovely pink skirt (with a satin black bow around the hips somemore) bacause... the adecco girl is coming to pick up my timesheets and my supervisor is still not here YET!
not that i am so hard up for my pay that is but if i do not hand in the sheets today, i will probably eat shyt for until the end of the month.

speaking of which, the rising costs of food has hit us once again, and being such foodies, singaporeans were expected to go into some frenzy attempt to stock up whatever food there are left in stores before the price tags are replaced with higher numbers. i would expect the up-market (or simply put, up-theerrre) supermarkets to be quite cold and empty like snow city on a weekday afternoon. i would expect people eating less rice and instead eat steamed potatoes for dinner everynight.

one night it will be grilled potato, one night it will be steamed jap potato, one night it will be deep fried USA potato. sounds good?

BUT NO, i think we eat more after the news of the rising prices. yeah we spent more now i think. after sunday straits times published so much articles on the rising food costs all around the world, there was a full house for dinner at cartel that night. -_- it was one of the busiest nights where there were complaints, waiting time for a table, waiting time for ordering, waiting time for the food, waiting time for the bill to come, shortage of bread... it was surely not one of those nights where there is an article in that day paper teaching readers how to save money. it must be the mention of the food in almost every pages, making people hungry so they spend more on dining. or because, it must be the savvy readers thinking that food prices will continue shooting north and they should spend more eating now, and saving later. and and, it was SO SO ironic how ST ran a special on the best 50 cakes in sg! must they torture us like that.. and psst, i am going to search for each and every cake. i will hunt you down.

i need to digress at this point that cartel prices will increase again in this month.. but there will still be free flow bread. bless the management~

i am in no position to comment on the prudency, or maybe the lack of it, in singaporeans. me myself went to a japanese eatery where i could opt for good cheap hawker food. i had a buffet lunch just before the weekend. i left half of my rice untouched during lunch yesterday. i bought expensive wholemeal bread instead of cheap while bread. i forego the more economical large-size skippy jar for the smallest one, which is super bo-hua. i still buy bakery bread everyday, and started buying these tiny weeny chocolate, and cheese tarts everytime i walk past a bakery.
one thing for sure, i think our eating habits will not be affected much by the prices. things get mroe expensive, people have less to spend, they complain, they look for cheaper alternatives, they complain somemore, then they get used to the higher prices and find something else to complain.

isn't this the case for the rising transport prices, movie ticket prices, more ERPs, higher utility bills, more expensive cable television...? we complain a bit and then we go through the "what to do?" phase. meanwhile, the purchasing power of the very little funds i have to get me by is still worrying and i think some small little adjustments are still needed if i want to get on that damn plane to US in nov.

1. shower in the dark. use water heater sparingly during rainy weather.
- at least you won't see your tummy fats. jiggle jiggle.

2. no radio/tv or raio/pc or pc/tv combos. only one at a time.
- expensive multi-tasking is my very bad habit

3. cook at home more often.
- but using expensive pre-mixes like prima deli will defeat the purpose dumbdumb

4. go on a diet, eat 2 meals a day.
- people who are hungry all the time and eat 10 meals a day should not take this seriously (yes mw, i'm referring to you)

5. Gather your siblings and go to the senior citizen corner to watch primetime dramas with the ah-peks, ah-mahs
- build community spirit at the same time leh! and try to ask your teacher whether can get CIP at the same time

ok, on a serious note, i think i need to cut down on my bakery bread. no more expensive bread. no more chocolate tarts. no more mr bean. this is really quite depressing.

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joearado said...

Ya your right Jo, rising prices are getting to be a problem here in the usa too. People here in the states are spoiled when it comes to food and gas prices. Thats why there are so many over weight people here in america. cheap food and gas. I heard about the rising food prices around the world on the news?? Thats a shame really, shame on rich greedy men everywhere. Rich people are messed up in the head! I mean you can only use so much money. After a certain point money is meaningless anyway. Men are greedy pigs. I wish women ran everything it would be a much better world.