Thursday, April 3

i can't believe it's been a month already! i have been working there for a month and it feels like i just stepped into the company for the interview yesterday. aww time really flies. did i have fun? hmm, i would say i did.

work has real monotonous so far. there is nothing new or exxxciting enough for me except probably stealing some company ink to print coloring pages and msn-ing from 9am to 6pm with fatin. still, i have nothing to complain about considering how flexible the hours of the job is. school is almost a no problem because i can leave in the morning or afternoon as long as i shuang. i love my own cubicle, there is a doraemon sticky pad and jooo's xmas love note. i intend to steal company ink to print some photos too. my colleagues are pretty ok. they are very quiet but one of them shares my passion for bread. we can talk about bread for hours. there are many cute ang mohs eye candy in the office, not that i prefer ang mohs but the chinese males in the office are all married, and there is no single malay male in the office. so there. i love going to different places for lunch everyday and how i can eat subway up to 3 days a week if i want. i love how rocky master is located conveniently at the lobby of the office although i never ever bought a single cup of coffee from there before. still, i heard the pie is good. i love how there is a direct bus to queenstown but i need to walk 10 minutes to the campus and i have to walk past a damn bakery on the way.

complaints? definately. i hate how i have to transfer buses to get to the place although serangoon is just the next town away. that is pretty absurd sigh. i hate the pantry. there is only one pathetic vending machine that dispense 3-in-1 milo, nescafe and the likes, which emc has the exact same one, plus an espresso machine, plus a fridge with free flow juice and coke light, plus free flow sugar biscuits, plus free flow tea (english, malaysia, chinese), plus erm free flow napkins. so in short, i miss the emc pantry. i still harbour the hope that someone close can work with me because i super duper enjoyed working alongside ms ang so much, working alone now is so boring. sometimes i speak less than ten lines at work for the whole day - not including lunch hours and msn conversations that is. i need a nice back pillow for my chair too. i miss the convenience of suntec where it is so easy to grab kaya toast or donuts at 4pm.

erm i think there are more but forgot what they are at the moment.

i need more time. i need time to sleep because i haven't exactly quit on freeflowbread yet so i have been running two places. but at the same time, now that i spent most of my time working, i need more time to do my own things and deem sleeping a waste of time. as if my life is not happening enough.. i need to find something more exciting to do.

i'm excited because michelle is going to give me my 20th birthday present she was supposed to give me four months ago tonight. that bitch. and to think i gave her such a nice river island wallet. hohohos.. =p

happy belated birthday irene! hope you love the pink birks. i thought pink was nicer than the blue colour, hope you love it!
hope i can post the disney pictures soon! i miss the smelly lamb stew already....

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joearado said...

Happy birthday Jo?? It's your 20th birthday?? Your so lucky, I would love to be 20 again. If its your birthday??? Have fun! Your only young once..So they say. I found your blog from the Moonflower link on my page. My Moonflower is a very special woman I kind of know.