Wednesday, April 16

wo ai mian bao, mian bao ai wo

i was going to embark on a "no-bread-for-7 days" "no-bread-for-3 days" mission but failed on the first day itself beause i couldn't resist buying something from the bakery when i walked past one during lunchtime again.

i failed. on the first day. but i guess i need some white carbs to keep me moving beyond that first page of the assignment. i can hear the clock ticking already.

you know, you should have never ever allow some people to return to your life for good. they are just some asses with too much free time, who do nothing except making other people's lives hell, and they will not give up until they see you fell flat.

stay away from me.

and yes, mian bao - stay away from meeee!

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