Monday, January 28

Some Thing Has Found Us

Cloverfield/1-18-08/ Cheese/ Clover/ Monstrous/ Slusho/ Untitled J.J. Abrams Project

was alright, although i still haven't found someone who thinks likewise. everyone says it sucked. boo. i kinda like the digicam concept, i was totally sucked in the movie throughout the entire 85 mintues. it was so tense and depressing. i sat so still my left leg cramped midway. i didn't get the motion sickness some other people had. but, i wouldn't watch this movie on dvd at home. there wouldn't have the same effect anymore. and alot of the plot points did not make sense but what the hell. i think it's worth the $7 though.

dinner was at sushi tei because "kelvin was feeling riiich...".

my view

he wasn't posing for this photo.

charsiew ramen in pork-based soup

baby octopus (ichiban's octopus are much better), crab mayo sushi, crab mayo sushi with fish roe (very good)

vegetables and seafood soup (very very good and fresh!)

soggy soft shell crab

and i saw jay again...

eat bread for the next 3 days...

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