Tuesday, January 29

post deprivation er.. part II

i must admit i'm old aready, cannot shop like an energy bunny like how i used to. or maybe it is because the empty purse which kind of killed the mood to buy more. or maybe it is because there is still a whole shitload of clothes with tags in the wardrobe. or maybe it is because i need more cash to go jb this weekend so i cannot spend today.


i called jo up this morning telling i am very available for her. she said something like oh great i have lots of assignments for you now. and then, let me see and then get back to you. i don't want to wait! one day=$50. i want to start working, tomorrow, in a few hours. i don't think i sound urgent enough for her.

but, anyway, i ate like a pig today. i am a happy pig who had fun with her girl today.

we went to city plaza first. of course not for arnold's but the thought of eating there had crossed my mind earlier. there i admit.

less than 2 weeks to cny so we shared 1/2 a chicken.

i like the fries and coleslaw.

we skipped the big big this fashion and took bus to bugis. in order to stay awake...

shopping makes us very very hungry.

with wasabi mayo please.

nian gao. standard nowhere near togi's.

dinner at soup spoon. i finally tried it! pumpin soup. trying to go healthy after all the junk at bugis street.

this is button mushrooms with mozerella in the middle. heaven! we knew joyce would love this man.

asian tofu salad.

full and satisfied, we walked towards the train for home. but alas, we had to chanced upon this new shop call chewy junior. and we bought a box of 6 to share on the bus instead. i think there's about a thousand calories in there.

i also don't know what chewy juniors are but hmm, i like to think of them as healthier options of doughnuts. they are like the imposters of bread papa, only more inferior. apparently they are baked not fried. BUT.. there's still the cream inside.

and it's not crispy, not all. gimme back my bread papas you cheaters! but the strawberry cheesecake is good.


strawberry cheesecake, oreo, double choc
coffee muesli, lemon pie, peanut butter
$1.20 each. $6.50 box of 6. $12.50 box of 12

lack of verbatim these days...

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