Monday, December 17


you know it ain't an exhaustive list.

baking oven
nintendo ds lite - coral pink
laptop RAM
new spectacles frame
genting/ bangkok holiday
sennheiser white headphones
calista in sg
city chain voucher
Latte art lessons
cure for my stm
a wedding invitation
gilmore girls - complete series
yoga classes/ gym membership
immunity to donuts
chocolate buffet
at Fullerton
subsciption to nylon
shoulder for long bus rides
tea time at Bakerzin!!
brother home for a week
a bunch of pink daisies
jay chou/ jeff chang concert tickets
french/ korean/ cantonese lessons
dessert buffet at Meritus Mandarin
re-experience london/ paris
love letter/ poem
dinner at cedele!

i can't think of more at the moment.

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