Friday, December 21


I think I have a love and hate affair with xmas shopping.

Don't get me wrong. Strangely enough, I don't quite feel the pinch with spending for other people because I think they totally deserve it and I really want to buy something, even small stuffs, to see a smile on their face or at least receive some surprise this year. I don't have the tradition of getting so many xmas presents because partly, it's not a tradition for me but I'm thinking I should really start this year. Up until now, I am not at the least proud to say I haven't complete more than half of my splendid list for my angels.

The damn thing is how while shopping for others, you will come across so many more stuff that you yourself want to get but that you have to remind yourself to control the purse strings or else all you eat the following month is bread and water. Now, that doesn't sound too much of a bad idea eh. I have like a new xmas wishlist now sigh.

Hmm, I need to upload the photos from my camera soon.

I am quite excited to meet sweetie tonight! It's been real loooong.
And meet with my dearestestest ChiuYun. Girl, I miss you.
Ok, that plus bread pudding in JB.

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