Thursday, December 13

Hi, my name is Tee Hui Wen Josephine as shown in the NRIC but I write my name as Josephine Tee on my assignments and on informal application forms. It's Tee Hui Wen, not Tee Huiwen like Ang Jieying but I think I am used to writing it seperately and if it was the latter way, I reckon I wouldn't get used to it and think it's "ugly".

I still cannot find my camera cable and there are tons of photos I would love to share but I will try to find it tomorrow. It is somewhere, admist the stacks of advertising notes, candy wrappers, chips bags, stolen EMC rough paper. Wait till I clear all the stuff on my desk, which should be in the bin, tomorrow morning. Shit, I just spotted another ant crawling past.

Speaking of which, I really need to start organising my wardrobe to make way for amazing stuff I will buy from the xmas sales. I have started in fact, at Gap where the kind people have put up the 30% off sale and I am already craving for more already. If you are thinking what to get for me for xmas, can consider the patent black flats which will make me a very happy girl for xmas.

Speaking of which..., I am still in the midst of drawing the xmas wishlist for your reference although I still do not support the idea of putting up xmas/ bday/ valentines wishlist, but then again, I am quite sick of receiving chocolates and photo frames for xmas. So this year, I am going to break my own rules and make a nice long list for you to consider slowly. If you have the spare cash and want to pleeease a very sad girl that is.

I am thinking of doing something crazy and different not to the extent like going clubbing three times a week (age forbids me so already) but something along the line like going for blunt fringes or going to the movies alone. Or maybe not working for a week. It'll still be "me" but something that people will not associate with what I usually do. Hmm, you understand?

I need to thread my brows like now. I am almost a borat twin from the eye up and they are distracting me so much I think I can't spend xmas in peace. But gimme a sleeping shot first and wake me after it all ends.

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Ok end of totally random entry.

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