Saturday, September 15

It was during a badminton session with ST that the fact that I kept posting such negative things hit me. I must admit I never thought of this before but I indeed post too much pessimistic thoughts although I try not to be 90% of the time. Really.

Anyway I must make it a point to meet up with ST more often but I think I can do that as I have quit the job at RP! I miss the freedom of working as and when I like it and not having such a strict routine every single day. No more waking up early and going home tired. No more apple strudels and brownies but that's ok. Shit them.

The first picnic went well too! I had lotsa fun - just eating what we brought (although I had to wake up so early to prepare) and laughing at the funny, candid photos we took. I love lazying with coffee in the aircon and talking p too. It was great playing pool again and I definately need LOTS more practice. But hey, I was sponaneous enough to try it again. Ha. Now, I just need to find someone patient enough to give me free coaching lessons.

So now, all the free time shall be dedicated to work, completing the readings and finishing the dvds (ok, and work)! I just want to stay glued in front of the TV the whole day =\

Anyway, it is just a coincidence but I honestly do not have preference for guys with emotional baggage. I hate this. Maybe it's the oh-so-hot emo vibe they are sending but I rather they come empty handed.

Night jogging anyone?

I can't sleep. I'll just stare at the ceiling, listening to the whirling of the fan; the crashing of the neighbour's mahjong tiles and the sound of your voice in my head

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