Sunday, September 2

It's hard to put into words what has been going on lately, just know that I am really tiiirred and that I need a break. It doesn't has to be an overseas getaway but all I really crave is just one good night's sleep where I can just sleep into the afternoons without any alarm clock.

I think my body and eye circles are "conspiracing" to get back at me.

The best friend has been there for almost 3 weeks now, I wonder how she is getting along with her new friends everyday. She seems to be doing good and I just want her to be happy and enjoy every single day there. If you are reading this, we miss you, and your funny actions too!

I need to like stop working for a while and start attacking the textbooks. I hate to admit it, but the title of the new module intimidates me so much I think I will have trouble passing it.

R. Poly is such a dead, empty, cold and grey place during the holidays that I'm almost dreading to go there everyday and the fact that the waffle store is closed throughtout this period makes me more sad.

Let least I still have the brownie during rainy afternoons.

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