Monday, September 17

Chicken and mushroom macoroni plus yuen yang makes me a happy happy girl.

I was walking to work in the rain this morning and the streets are so empty. I suddenly thought that going to breakfast with someone you like on weekends mornings especially when it's raining is uber romantic. Then you will just laze and wait for time to pass to the afternoon, with no TV, no phone calls, no work and agenda on mind.

Ok ok.

Anyway, I finally get to speak to the best friend on Skype which was nearly a nerve-wrecking experience because I haven't heard her voice for more than 2 months, if you don't count the 3-seconds "Har-lo". It worked! Skype is like god-sent, it's free and doesn't lag as I thought is would. It feels almost orgasmic talking to the girl! I wished she was here in singapore so I can take 147 from Little India and tell her everything... Well, she talks differently now - with a bit of the taiwanese accent and when she speaks English, she does the slang thing. It's been only 2 months! I hoped she won't changed so much when she comes back for summer. Just continue to be the blur blur bao bao ok... I know you will and control the booze!

School is finally starting in two one day; I have like hundreds of pages of really boring readings to do (trust me) and all I want is go JB to have french toast and yuen yang.

Anywaaaayyyss, It's official: I love hanging out with CY! =D

Tank yew, I lub yuu tu.

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