Tuesday, September 25

What a week!

I can barely remember what I did except for trying to squeeze as much words as possible from the textbook to my peabrain every night before sleep right after work. Of course, how much can a person, especially me, remember from the book from a few minutes of reading? I got LOTS of catching up to do from Fridee onwards!

Speaking of which, yours truly is going to forget about working for a while and enjoy taitai life in the meantime with perhaps shimu or anyone who doesn't have lessons in the schoolterm. I can't wait to visit Bakerzin again for their souffles, or to visit that Bugis Cha Can Ting for their yuen yang, or go Hyatt for their tea buffet.

Speaking of food, I spent a very good lunch at LJ with Jo after school today, and I think we talked waaaay too much about food! Gee, but I think she knows where the good food spots are more than me so I must consult her again soon. After the heavy lunch which I loved because of the shrimps..., we bought donuts home. Heaven. I had the mocha ole and the white chocolate ones and I think they are so much better than the shop opposite the interchange which overcharges for theirs which are so tiny and are just pieces soaked in oil.

This week is still going to be a busy one, with some tiny tiny matters to do, like meeting the girls for lunch/ dinner (more food.. =.=) and buying my camera and new passport so I can go to city square with the 38 people for french toast again. I'm thinking of visiting Shaaron at RP too, miss talking to that woman man and also to da bao some brownies and apple strudels. HAHA!

Meanwhile, it's time to go back to the asssignment. I don't intend to celebrate midautumn festival because I don't want to contribute to the wax built-up for the morning-shift cleaner and consume the empty calories from mooncakes.

Man, I can be so unromantic at times.

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