Sunday, July 22

Shit, let's see...

I need a camera. A nice sturdy digital camera or a really trusty camera phone so I can take more pictures of food and post here.

I need a nice new pair of heeled pumps. Not too high that I will trip on the escalators at the train station. But not so low that I am STILL shorter than everyone else. Oh and a nice dress

I need to stop relying on my jeans.

I need my hair to grow long. FAST! Shitty hair, bad bad hair.

I need to sit down and get a nice proper sushi meal instead of having takeaways from supermarkets after 9pm.

I need to stop craving for carbs at like 12am every single night.

I need to work more. I can't see the $$$ rolling in.

I need to spend more time with the best friend.

I need to watch a movie. Plus a big tub of good butter popcorn!

I'll think more of what I need. Then I will tell you again.

And no, I don't need a boyfriend.

Durian toast is featured in "MY" paper today! I need it I need it! Like now!

There're so much that I need that I can't tell you.

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