Sunday, July 15

I am so so tired.

It's bad how I am dedicating my weekend mornings to FreeFlowBread, not that I don't enjoy working that is, but things have gotten a little too lazy and unmotivating for me these days. I am stuck in the same routine everytime I come to work and truth is I cannot wait to start bar even though the thought of all the expectations and standards scares me.

The long break is also a good chance for me to learn other new things at hopefully new places, I'm keeping my eyes open. Please let me know if there's any good lobangs. I can hardly wait for the free time, and I decided to forget about the paper just for just that little while.

Yesterday, was Potter day. I think reviews for Potter is just a plain waste of precious paper space. No matter what people say, they will ultimately still be an audience for Potter.

Gosh, the little kids have grown up so quickly! =\ Harry is so hairy now.

Prior to the movie, decided to go for some real mood-lifters at Bakerzin in Paragon.

The cakes were really fantastic. The circular things on top of the chocolate cake were really rich and sweet, though I thought the strawberry one was better than the chocolate one. It's real light and but still sweet enough for my fussy sweet tooth.

And the highlight:

This one is real real love! The ice cream was starting to melt already by the time we start to attack it. The souffle is real warm and very sweet and aromatic. It's very moist throughout and you won't feel sick of all the sweetness in every single bite. The nuts on top were perfect with the chocolate. Coupled with the ice cream - heaven. Totally worth the 15-minute waiting time and the abit steep $10.80 ++ price tag.

Sigh. Bliss. :)

And anyway I had more chocolate after the movie at McCafe with Hot Chocolate, chocolate chip muffin and an apple crumble (all shared of course).

Maybe faces next time but the food shall be the highlight for now!

Family dinner at Old Airport Road hawker centre because read from the papers last week about how the newly-renovated premise is attracting crowds again. The wanton mee recommended sounds good too. So, we went there just now and the wanton mee queue is just CRAZY! I wanted to queue initially but there was no space for me to queue!

So I didn't have my wanton mee. ;(

I like the East Coast centre better for the holiday feel with the open air and sea breeze. Only minus is how inconvenient the location is. So, only good for those with wheels.

What a way to end the week! Mondaaay tomorrow, time to catch up with Ah Meng! And the exercise...

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