Thursday, July 26

I know this post is probably too late... but

seriously, I don't get all the hype about the Anya Hindmarch bag.

If you just came back from Mars and don't know what I am talking about, here it is.

Apparently, this grocery bag caused quite a frenzy at UK, US and Hong Kong. According to papers, the local Anya Hindmarch store is hiking the price up to 3 times and if you want to get it, stand in the line first and you are probably number 2000+ at the time of publishing this post.

I must admit I was quite tempted to get this bag. 1. All the media hype is making me so interested in it... 2. I get to own a designer at 10% of their usual prices... 3. Celebs own it... =p


Ok, most importantly... 4. I love love love the cute print! Don't forget the trademark Anya bow too. And I can imagine me using it to bag my crackers and apples in NTUC.

But then again, judging by all the sprees going on lately, I guess you will see 1 in 5 girls carrying it in the very near future when the duplicate bags arrive from the factories probably from China. It's gonna be very irritating trust me. Attack of the Anya bag on the streets. Everyone from secondary school students to fillipino maids are going to carry it.

It's like how all the girls have a head of pokey straight hair when the rebonding trend started.

Yes the bag is cute but it won't be when I know I will be standing next in the line with a random ah soh with tight 80s curls, carrying the same bag as me.

And yes, I still want to rebond my hair.

ps. I am more interested in that Loewe.

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