Friday, July 6

It's the end of one real gruelling module. For now. Just forget about the coming exam and post-assignment and paper to complete for just this weekend.

I had the KFC shrooms today because the auntie behind the counter don't understand that MDIS is actually a school and that I am a student. So, she could not give the super chip chip student price. Then, when Jer flashed his card, the auntie gave him the student price. What the... -_- I want my Zinger! Oh and by the way, I like the Cheezy Melt thing pretty much to try it again and the Miso chicken sounds very interesting even though Shan gave the thumbs down.

I lost my house keys for two days aready and decided I should duplicate new ones today instead of waiting for them to miraculously appear somewhere. It costs $11.50 for two keys. &%@$&#$. Guess that's the price I have to pay for being so careless to lose things so easily. My mom keeps saying how my sis manage not to lose the house keys all these years (6 years?). I lost mine like 2 or 3 times already...

And yeah. I lost my Burts Bees too. I miss the yellow tube! =\

As it was a nice Fridee, I felt like leaving the work for just a teeny little while and went grocery shopping. The total damage went to a little over 10 hours of pay! Haha, you know, we get hungry very very easily when we grill that brain. I just like being prepared.

Hup Seng "Ping Pong" Sugar Biscuits is the most damning addictive food of all time.

I don't see the relation to Ping Pong balls but well, it's just damn good lah.

Next week is going to be interesting, exam plus paper. At least, no more early mornings on the trains. But I think I am going to miss the smell of the classroom after the break when everyone gets breakfast back. Smells like a hotel buffet breakfast.

I miss Velvet Cheena Dragon for paper and school. (!!)

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