Thursday, July 12

Oh no, it's 4:30 a.m. and I can't bear to leave youtube yet. It's addictive I tell you, especially when your internet connection decides to be good for just one night and not disconnect.

Anyway, I didn't even know what I was studying today. I was too occupied with the thought that I need to complete my draft in like a matter of hours!

And here's the post-lunch,

The triangular thingys are really good and I can eat like tons of them everyday. It's filled with durian puree. DURIAN. Durian is like the nicest fruit around and people who don't like durians ought to get their noses check.

Speaking of which, Bugis has this cha chan ting which sells DURIAN toast. Yes, sweeeet durian puree on thick toast. That is the ultimate comfort food. F the calories and eat them! Major cravings alert. That's what Da Yi Ma brings other than cramps.

So for post lunch, we had this durian pancakes. Yeah, because durians are so good and we cannot get enough of them.

And anyway on the way to pay my months-overdued bill, I found this bakery selling durian waffles. HA! Ok, I'm saving them for tomorrow. Too muc of anything is not good.

Went home and my mom bought XO fish head bee hoon for supper at 1 a.m. =\

Anyway, I found my keys, and my phone dropped into the toilet bowl so I lost all my numbers and my porn pictures in my old phone. Shucks. You gain one thing and lose one other I guess.

Oh, you can make me feel better....

I want this!

What is this? Yes, it's a iPod. And yes, it is Tellytubby-Yellow.
It's a Beatles iPod!!
It's a limited-edition Yellow Submarine iPod, with every single Beatles album preloaded onto it!
The thing is... it's still in the pipeline. So, meanwhile just send me a truckload of duians.

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