Sunday, July 1

Grilled Salmon, Fries, Seafood Platter for 2, Prawn & Pasta salad, coke light, supreme platter, spicy thai seafood pasta, ham & egg club sandwich, seafood macoroni, banana & peach waffle, cafe mocha, mini chocolate fondue.

omg. wtf. (ala Qi)

I had to work every single day this coming week and honestly I am starting to get worried for the research paper and the coming exam. I don't even know what to write for the paper! It's going to be some boring and put-prof-to-sleep topic for sure. Now, I know how boring my life has been so far that I cannot even think of a effing awesome interesting thing that has happened to me so I can write about it! Damn.

It's the sales people! Please go out, take a walk, and look at all the amazing stuff on sale~. The sale tags are simply killing me because I know I need to safeguard the $$ from my itchy fingers to get some prettay summer dresses and cute shoes (that cost $20 fking bucks). I need more wardrobe space man. And... we are bidding goodbye to 5% GST today. ><

Just to let everyone know Cartel is having a student promo - 30% off for all food items on the menu on weekdays from 1:30pm to 5:30pm. Yes, everything on menu! The management can be so crazy at times.

I need to get my haircut (like tomorrow!) and still have not decided whether I should get a camera phone or a digital camera...

Seriously feel like puking now. I'm going to watch my Devil Beside You now! So hooked on it! Yeah, I am so lag. Better late than never!

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