Wednesday, June 27

Ok.. so it's official back to school tomorrow after a month break/ haitus/ assignment holiday/ work-like-a-horse-month.

Yay, time to explore downtown for some real good food so my parents can stop suspecting me I am on a diet. Goodness, I love food as much I love the boys to become an anorexic or lesbian so just leave me alone and let me stay the way I am. When I say I don't want to eat, I really mean it so you can stop forcing me to eat thank you very much. Today I had like so much food because I have had enough of my parents' nagging plus I was in a bit of a celebratory mood though everything could have been much better. At least, I finally brought sister down for cakes today so everything wasn't so bad. No mango though...

I am still waiting for the spider lilies DVD to come back so I can watch Yang Chen Ling kiss another girl. She can kiss me anytime anyway. I love her so much! There, I said it... =x

Went past Palais today and saw the window of Passion which totally reminds me I need a haircut, and badly. Haha, of course I cannot even afford to step into Passion let alone get a snip there but I will do the cut soon probably by this weekend. Still deciding whether I should just let my hair grow or just get a nice tidy do.

I need to throw out my ancient phone and get a nice new camera phone which can take real snazzy photos so I can start posting pictures of food too. Should I get N73 or the sony ericssons?

While you're at it, please can tell me how to start saving money too. I haven't start attacking the shops since GSS started. Amazed.

I feel like going Marina to fly kite.

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