Wednesday, May 2

Cupid's Chokehold

Genting... was fun, like how I anticipated - with the cold cold weather (friggin hot in here), cosy warm layers, good food (who am I kidding), cute Malaysians.

And of course, a great, fun, crazy, noisy bunch of companions. Cheryl & BF (with the lame but funny penalty), Kayln & BF ("I am human being!!"), KaiHong & Soon Poh & Jackson (nice jokers), Shan (thanks for not kicking me in the bed) & Joyce (Chose sleeping bag over double beds -.-)

One of my favourite memories must be exploring with Joyce alone late in the night in search of some fun. Thrilling to walk around in the mist with another girl alone late. Dangerous but the rush you get when doing forbidden stuff gives you goosebumps.

Still have not conquered the FreeFall too. And I reckon I never will. Not even if you give me a year's supply of Aunt Amy.

My voice have not returned too. Talking like Zeng Zhi Wei sucks man and I really miss my voice. Felt like I took it for granted in the past cos you can say what you want to say when you open your mouth. Can't hum along to the radio at night cos whatever that comes out of my mouth goes out of tune. Can't say thankyou to customers at work and I think they must be thinking I attitude them.

Can't wait for my throat to heal so I can attack all the snacks and order my DVDs!

So, there goes the short but very fun holiday before I opened the books again.

Next up, I want to visit Bangkok!

"MIKA Mouse"... Wahaha... And the Mock-Jose-the-CryBaby was well, sweet. =D That guy totally deserves it.

16 spots on the calendar to go before we meet Prof KH.

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