Friday, April 27

Ready to fly roll

The time now is 2:42am. I have to wake up at 4-friggin am to brush teeth and some slap myself awake activities and make it to Cheryl-the-powervoice in one hour, which includes trying to flag a comfort in the dead of the night, alone.

I wil sleep as soon as I manage to squeeze all the food into my obviouslytoo-small-shopping trip bag.

Who the hell goes genting for shopping?! Lol. But I will. Retail therapy part of it all.

Plus need to bring lots of stuff back I promised for the peoples at freeflowbread.

"No keychains. No teas. No lao po bings. No chocolates"
"Why not?"
"Because we are more important poeple mah"
(-.-) "But I got a keychain from you leh."
"Bu yi yang..."

Shit. I think I will really miss working over the weekend.

And it is impossible to catch a wink at this hour because C95 plays really good songs at this hour. You will tell yourself "Sleep after this song" but the next one keeps you going. I need a haircut, badly. I want it to grow long overnight so I can cut it real short. Damn, having monies can't get you that thrill.

1 hour more to go.

Peace out. And all the jiayous to CCF and MW (:

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