Wednesday, April 25


That means "Star" in korean apparently. Is it true Lishan? Haha I have no idea. Eh but it is my favourite song in 200 Pounds Beauty. In the audition video below.

It all begins... with the transformation as we see the magic of well, plastic surgery. Hmm. Anyway here's the video where she goes under the knife and like Extreme Makeover style, she gets drawn on the face, gets nervous, stay under bandage for weeks then unwrap bandage and hug doctor and crying.

The best part -

Doctor: "Here we go. Count backwards from ten"
Hanna: "Ten, Eleven, Twelve..."
Doctor: "Backwards!"
Hanna: "... Nine, Eight, Seven..."

So wahahaha moment!

And this is one of my favourite scenes, the very sexy and sweet couch scene. Forward enough men... I like... Haha! Especially one with such beaauuutiful eyes. Maybe except the touchy touchy part lah.

This is the song Maria she sang in her first TV song. Nice song too..

This is the cute dog scene. Damn cute. Teared at this scene too.

The actress's name is Kim Ah Joong. And she did a Pantene commercial over here. Click to watch... Hair looks too computerised though. Still love her wavy curls in the movie. Makes me wanna grow mine long again. And some chips ad. I think she look like Shu Qi.

The actor's name is Joo Jin Mo. Apparently, he did a LG commercial with 尹恩惠, that girl from Goong. But why his face appeared like less than her?! And he dances too! Lol. Funny. I rather watch him act cool in Beauty.

Enough of 200 Pounds Beauty, hehehe. One thing that bugs me is how the girl has to be a pretty, hot, thin, sexy girl with perfect face and body to have her ideal man. Sigh. Ultimately like a bit defeat the message that looks isn't everything. But then, I guess this is like a fairy tale afterall.


Wanted to go for waffles plus hoodie shopping today but ended up spending time buying lots of chocolate back. Hot chocolate powder, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate bars, chocolate candy... Cartel-ed and had two bloody chocolate cakes that really jeopardize my diet! Argh! But I really need it, simply cannot resist putting down the fork. Better than Clinic's five free drinks (tomorrow! tomorrow!)

Felt like I was so bright today =\ Terrible feeling.

It's only 2/3 days to Genting. Still haven't done my packing yet. Will be bringing Memoirs of Geisha with me. Bought the book at $4 at a book sale outside HM and havent's read a page yet. Plus, I must remember uploading new songs into my poddy... Playlists getting very very rusty. The Flame still not inside. Haha.

Sometimes I wish I can erase all the songs and upload all over again.

But then, if I do that, I think I will kill myself.

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