Tuesday, April 24

It's Freedom Day!

Finally after weeks of being the highest priority, the most important thing on my agenda, GP is done!

Of course, good luck to all the PRians and Journalists on tomorrow and Thursdays.

Now, it's the drawing of the holiday plans plus bananachoco cakes, waffles, shopping, reading, DVD-ing plus dieting... sigh.

I need to reduce what I eat and exercise more. I cannot lose weight when the only exercise I do is walking around in FreeFlowBread.

I need to catch some shopping before the trip hehe, and possibly with some half-priced waffle loving. Addictive man. But it is worth the "my diet starts tomorrow". Speaking of which, caught 200 pound beauty which was really good. Made me laugh and cry at the same time. And I meant that literally. Still felt that beauty is really important in our society today. Cosmetics will still sell. Plastic surgery will be more popular. All these despite the talk about natural beauty, inner beauty. People will not look inside you if you are not good looking outside. Yes you may say that ugly people who are kind-hearted will still be accepted ultimately and beautiful people will be outcast when they show their tail. But how many people are willing to give ugly people the chance to show how good they are? I hate to say this, but it is the truth. The scary thing is this seems to more of a trend these days.

Anyways, holidays means lots of free time! I am ordering DVDs... $7 per disc.

Super clear quality. Subtitles. No movie-goer head at bottom of screen. Or double $$ back guarantee.

I have alpha dog, notes on a scandal, music & lyrics, pirates 3rd installment, 300, blood diamond.... alot alot titles. Just ask me in the tagboard or email me if you are looking for any.

Plus the classics. And the dramas! Lost, Entourage, Ugly Betty, Prison Break plus season 2, Heroes, Grey's, Gilmore, Ghost Whisperer....

Even TW dramas, Zhuan Jiao Yu Dao Ai, Bai Se Ju Ta, Wei Xiao Pasta...

Alot alot. Just ask me if you are looking for any. $7 only.

Tireness. Ciao!

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