Tuesday, February 13

Today, I had to sweep floor, sneezing my nose away. I think I used half a pack of Cartel's napkins. I hope no one caught my germs, especially Aloy. Ah choo... Excuse me.

I used to be in the white HL milk camp because I thought it is more like "milk". More pure form. You know like, "original white milk". But today I realised how GOOD HL chocolate milk it.

It is like melted chocolate ice cream. 0_0 It was the exact same taste! My new love!

I hate my brother. He can order Mac delivery at 12am (upsize somemore ok! Grr...) and eat them with no single guilt and not worrying where all the calories will go!

Ok, at least he shared the fries with me. Not too bad.

"There's a lot of speculation when two people who are single are seen together. It's a media frenzy."

-- Scarlett Johansson

I'm not surprised if it's "two" HOT "people"... And I understand how you feel, ScarJo. Hahaha... Grammys 2007. Ooo, I love JT in his grey tux.

Little India + Movie tomorrow. Hurs.

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