Sunday, February 11

Not Too Late

1. Flu and Mr Thermometer miss me.
2. I'm most willing to learn bar.
3. I made a friend mad just because I was being honest.
4. I am looking forward going shopping with mom tomorrow.
5. I love my aunty red, short hair.
6. It took me 10 seconds to talk to someone I did not dare to for 2 years.
7. I wanna go Escape to escape. (We'll go round and round on the go-kart baby)

Psst, I love ferris wheels. Don't tell anyone.

JT - "What Goes Around"

JT and SJ are like kissing, touching each other 98% of the time in the MV. The rest, they are throwing F words at each other. I calculated.

Apparently, there will be a 34-minute video version. I don't know how much more kissing I can take.

You know, I have a thing for bald guys. Lee Ryan, Chad Michael, maybe Becks and Wentworth Miller.

It's difficult just showing one picture so I am going to show many.

Thanks Joyce for always harping about the show which made me go watch and now I'm hooked! Can't wait for season 2!


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