Friday, February 16

Say It Right

You know they say a customer is always right.

So even if a customer points the wrong food item to me, I have to take the blame. You cannot say, "But sir, you really did pointed that damn pork ribs at me!"

You cannot say,"You told me you wanted this one ok! You want watch CCTV playback?!"

So when a customer says 1, you cannot say 2. When they say A, you cannot say B.

Even if when you think the truth is what you think.

I realised how easily agitated and irritated I am at work these days? Where is the patience...?! (play back Take That's "Patience". Oh my, I luurrve that song...)

I can throw mini temper behind customers' backs and I am so not proud of it.

Maybe I had had enough.

Meditate. Meditate. Breathe in breathe out.

:) Can someon remind me to smile during work? I work with a face like my dog just died. (and anyway I don't have a dog anymore)

My ipod is all set and ready for roadtrip this Saturday! Woohoo... Won't be back anytime soon. Will consider staying there till after my grad project. And until he gives up.

I will do nothing all day except watch good dramas on TV7 and cheap movies half the price here. And shop in this department store with a bee as its logo.

And have koropok and otah every night.

Ferris wheel anyone? Anyone at all?!

I want this one beside the MRT station. Photo from here anyways. (I haven't get my damn camera and laptop. Okok, I will get them before July!)

Joyce take angbao until thumb cramp. Wahaha.

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