Friday, February 23

I am pleased to announce I have placed my order for a lappie!

Throw the confetti! Hurray! Finally! Woohoo! -tears of joy-

Joyce can finally stop nagging me about getting one. If not for the free delivery charge, I don't know how long I am gong to drag this until.

And it's gonna be a small baby. So small that you cannot do lap dances on.

Now I'm gonna starve myself all over again for my empty bank account.

I am so used to seeing Fei Yu Qing in his black suits that I cannot envision him in anything else. Imagine him wearing ah-pei white singlets and shorts. Ew. Then what does he wear in hs neighbourhood leh?

Has anyone tried the $2.50 MacDonalds Capp? Is it good? I don't trust cheap coffee leh.

These days I have my radio dial on 95.8FM all day because it is the only radio station that plays CNY songs. Dong dong ciang dong dong ciang... gong xi ah gong xi, fa ah fa da cai....!!

Me: Uncle, one Marlboro Menthol.
Uncle: I/C please. (stoopid smug look)
Me: Nah. (smug look)
Uncle: Huh! You sure this is you ah?
Me: Yes uncle, this is me.
Uncle: You sure anot? You are not wearing spectacles now leh.
Me: That photo was eons ago. And I swear that's me.
Uncle: Oh you over 18 le meh. 87..... Ok, now 20. (Hands cigs to me)
Me: Ok thank you. (#$%^@$)

Thank goodness I still look young. (skips away)

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