Saturday, February 24

I always like full shifts although slogging a whole day there makes me look like a zombie at the end of the day. Plus my hair will get so smelly like I never wash it for a week.

Still, I practically begs for whole days.

Today was fun, honestly. Although I made stoopid mistakes.

At night, we had the full force of Tom-Dick-Big Dick-Harry, plus xiang jiao. Had my milk tea and coffee as well. So work today was pretty fun and I haven't laughed so much for so long.

Then because of my *beep* new contact lenses, I made quite severe *beep* mistakes. And tonight's DM was coincidentally the very dear senior manager. *beep*.

I know it's no excuse but the new contacts is making me see things so blur! "26" I can go see as "28. What the *beep* lah. Then, "921" I can go key as "901". *beep* man...

Wearing the contacts is like going swimming because everything is like so blur. I once went swimming wearing my contacts becasue I got so fed up swimming like a blind. In the end went home with swollen red eyes like I cried 3 days 3 nights.

Have to board buses when they stop at the bus stop because I cannot see the *beep* numbers from afar. So risked missing buses.

Also cannot watch cute guys from afar because I cannot *beep* see anything.

When I'm taking orders, I cannot *beep* see the numbers on the menu because they are so *beep* small.

Zhong zhi, everything is so blur lah.

Have to spend more *beep* money to buy new clearer ones. *beep*

Ok, complained enough. I got to work harder man!! Sleep le. Thanks Tom, Dick, Harry for making tonight fun. Paris on Mon, xiao-cha-bo time on tue. :) lalala.

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