Wednesday, December 6

Ways to make more money in the shortest amount of time

1. Sell handmade cookies. Chocolate banana cookies anyone?
2. Strawberry-jam white bread for lunch everyday.
3. Walk to school and save on horrendous transport $$
3. Da bao Cartel's free flow bread for daily lunches.
4. Don't buy magazines and read them free at borders.
5. Eat a mouthful of each classmates' lunch, asking to sample their food. Save lunch $$.
6. Wait till first train to go home after clubbing instead of taking cab.
7. Pretend that I forget to bring my pencil case everyday and borrow Joyce's pen.
8. Cut my hair so I don't need to for the next few years.
9. Sell my cut hair.
10. Walk around neighbourhood and see whether there are any lost dogs. Search for them and take the reward.

I need my lappie. Or what? You expect one to drop from the sky?

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