Monday, November 27

"Honours even as Chelsea draw 1-1 at Man Utd" !!


Yeah, I'm actually happy with the score you know. It might have been terrific if man u won chelsea but I am truly satisfied with the boring score. It might have been worse if man u lose. Not that I have no confidence in the devils, but I have respect for chelsea too. Maybe not Jose but the players. I don't give respect to people who likes to push blame. Come on, spare the poor ref.

And thank you Saha. I forgive you now.

I wanted to check out the score at the school in the morning. So I went to And it's BANNED!, I understand (yes, it's banned too) But soccernet?

Oh, is not banned though fyi. Don't ask me how I know hehe.

I am very tired with all the working these days. I got a whole load of week-old laundry waiting for me. I don't even have time to finish my cleo. Oh, and I survived a day of work at PS. I passed the ultimate test! It wasn't as bad as I imagined...

But Christmas is coming! YAY... I haven't receive a hand-written christmas card in ages. Someone send me one please. :) I'll be a good girl.

Everyone is going to holidays and that makes me so green.


ju said...

Oh ya! I'm also very happy with the score mans.

Hehs. you have a new job at ps? We must meet up real soon! =)

eleven- said...

hi Jo
me jus drop by =)
eh no tag board?! get one soon lol
kae cya ard school
-huiting aka kalyn