Monday, June 19

Stars are blind

It's nearly a week since my last update and oh my, time really just fly by so so so FAST! I cannot quite exclaim this enough. Everything just whoosh by without waiting for me.

Just like those days when you woke up late in the afternoon like 2pm or 3pm and you would think that the morning just went by without waiting for you.

Er ok... Let least that's how I think. I hate waking up in afternoons. I think I am too young for that. I will just leave that to avid owls.

Xiuyun somehow inspired me to blog more. Leave more things here and just record something. I admit that I INITIALLY thought her blog would be full of just pretty boys (not a bad thing actually...), but she proved me wrong. She is so funny lah! Some posts just brighten my blue-y mornings which is great since my mornings are more blue than usual these days. And besides, I love her blog because I am not her victim of her evil-ness (ok, humour).

Hopefully never ok. Wahaha!

Thinking back, it has been quite an eventful week. I did not spree anything last week which was quite amazing.

I had chocolate every single day (nutella counts). Not so amazing...

I went home after work everyday which is good because I can talk to people I felt I left out for those couple of hectic weeks.

I read 2 books in a week! Like finally...

I handed in my application form at long last... To me, that was almost the leap of faith although I know I had to make a choice in the end. I am very excited to be a student again I think. Something in me says everything will going to be fine and I am going to enjoy this experience very much.

And hopefully, it will be life-changing enough.

I jogged too. First time in months? I ran and ran till I almost had to be carried home.

I am quitting RP soon which is more of a happy affair than sad. Figured I need to leave with good memories before I get thoroughly sian of this "grey and glassy" place.

Oh, and I am going to learn some cooking... Wahaha... My sis is sick of eating my pasta almost every weekend. Cook for her still complain.

First times are always great, like ice skating! Like eating in Jurong.

Ok, end of updates. Enough of all the "I.. I.. I.." I could go on forever.

Grace's back.... but she brought chocolate back. Not so bad afterall.

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