Friday, June 23

If you want me to continue working, you just have to shoot me.

Not that I hate this place... It is also certainly not that I am a lazy bum bum.

It is just that I feel that I owe myself too much.

My room is that close to a pig sty. For once in decades, my sis's table is actually cleaner and more "presentable" than mine.

I have months-old of laundry to do.

I still have not start on my projects.

There is still the downtown for me to explore.

I still have no single clue about the course.

The pool is waiting for me!

STP has finally ended. I am mighty proud to be involved in it, although it is quite a pity I have to miss the prize presentation. It's like climbing the hill to watch the sunset but that I have to climb down because of some rain.

Emcee-ed for a bit today too. It was mighty fun! Thought I will like a nervous wreck in front but I think I did alright... I didn't bit my tongue or fall.

And the catering was good. Haha!

I think I am going to miss all the boring work but still the fun ones are going to keep me going for one more week.

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