Tuesday, June 13

Life's great. Everything's perfect.

Threadless sale on again.

I need to hand in my application like real soon, and I was really toying with the idea of starting school next year. But then I decided not to go ahead with this plan (crazy plan, my mom would say) as I feel like I need to push myself into a new routine again.

And like soon?

These days, I regard my personal feelings quite highly. This explains largely for the lack of what I would call proper posts. And it's nice because there is this huge part in me that tells me not to reveal to much.

Just keep some thoughts to myself, like some private thoughts... So, I guess you have to miss what all those what you call "entertainment", ST. Just let those vids entertain you.

(edit: nothing personal lah, bestie. love you the most liao! think too much)

I was in my father's car and listening to 958. He controls what we listen to in the car; no crap 987. Yeah so anyway, this DJ was talking about some stuff and I was like staring at the roads. He suddenly quoted this from some author.

"人生最大的遗憾就是 来不及"

I thought about it for a few days.
Who says 958 is boring.

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