Wednesday, February 22

Brighter than Sunshine

The suspense is killing me,

and I hope it ends.

Well, we don't need to play any games thank you very much. Just give me what I am dued, any signs on where I should continue on to, what paths I should ignore.

But I don't want to see him or her or them either. Or if I wanted, but so what.
I don't know what to say.

I'm scared and I am so not proud of that.

Mumblings in progress. Ignore if neccessary.

In any case, it feels really great to start living for myself, instead of anyone in particular. It's funny how my moods are determined primarily on the frequencies I make a stupid and careless mistake. And a flu doesn't help things at all. Take my word - forget panadol, trust a hot cup of green tea.

But, I'm getting a hang of it all. It's never too late! I am gonna be so much attentive with whatever is going on around me. Because I am not allowed to make mistakes. The situation is different a few months ago, but things are never the same again, as they say.

I am glad I took the job. It changes me, seriously. Other than a free flow of chocolates and wan wan and green tea, there are really much more. I dare to say that it changes the course of my life now. Of course, it takes things or people, for that matter off my mind. It ain't easy.

And who can complain having time during work to go spree-ing online. Wee~

Sweet. Ciao.

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