Monday, March 6

Walk The Line

So, the 'A' levels results are being released by the good o' gahmen and yes, it's all yays and boos.

Some poeple do well, some do not. But I figured finally that it's like that in every aspect. You cannot just make everyone happy.

It's like a game. Some people win, some people lose.

It's like eating steamboat. My sis gets the good stuff like dumplings, I get the lousy stuff at the bottom of the boat like fish bones. You get the idea.

But whatever results you get, you can always turn them to your advantage. Fish bones make the soup sweeter.

I was surprised by my own reaction to my results. I should be disappointed, but I am not. I should be happy for not failing, but I am not. So my feelings is kind of balanced. Tho I will say I am definately numb-ed by the suspense the gahmen (yah, I should stop it) has kept me in.

Or perhaps, I am just plainly optimistic about everything.

I missed school so much I am re-doing my Econs TYS (yes, it didn't went to the bin, yet). Maybe I am missing Mr Bong's curly locks. I missed the damn library.

I figured up to this stage, my peers can be seperated into 4 groups.

1. Smarty-pants
They get straight As since they are doing they their ABC123. Reserve the hot seats in hot schools (*coughs, "Rs"). Have "career planners" since 12. Universities put nice cushions on the lecture halls for them. Fill application form without looking at the requisites.

2. Black horses
Skip lectures. Skip essay assignments. Sit behind the class and put on their trusty eye patches. Pet phrase during exam week: "I-didn't-study-and played-DOTA-all-night" Get the As in the end. Fill application form on 31 March 2359.

3. Smarty-underpants
They get straight As since they are doing they their ABC123. Reserves the hot seats in hot schools (*coughs, "Rs"). Have "career planners" since 12. But- the universities shut the doors on them because they performed below expectations and become "underpants" instead of upholding their status as "pants". End up in IMH or in some dingy family centre. What application form?

4. White bread
These people get the results as expected, tho the results are nothing like sensational. Study like kookies but still get blah CDEFs. Doesn't add excitement to the episode. Like white bread, plain and boring. Fills application form in 1 day because no place wants white bread.

Have you decided what you want to do? Do you have the ability to do what you want to do? Are you expected to follow the paths other people want you to take? Do you want to do what you want to do?

You know, everything is easier when you found a goal. I am sure you have heard this 34324325 times but it is really easier to have a goal in mind instead of dribbling the ball around the field without knowing where to go. It gets too tiring and in the end, you tend to give up, missing your goal.

I have found mine. Even though I have no "fast foward"s, and have to take a "detour" or will surely meet "roadblock"s (AMAZING RACE IS BACK!), I believe I will get what I want to get, ultimately.

And I will need more than just some optimism.

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