Friday, June 10


These are the movies, which will be shown in June and July I will rather starve to watch.

You know what you are going to get when you get a team like steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise! The original book by H.G. Wells (1898) was actually a "metaphor about the futility of British imperialism, and Wells just flipped the metaphor to make the British the invaded instead of the invaders." Interesting...

when Cupid aims his arrow at you, there's no running away from it. A film to remind you your "right" one could just be that one beside you all along! Let's see if this one is as good as "Boys And Girls". Besides, Ashton Kutcher + Amanda Peet = Pure eye candy

Ms Chiew would probably approve this one. Ewan McGregor (whose singing in Moulin Rouge is still lingering in my mind) plays a clone! He fights for his right to live when he finds out that he's been scheduled for termination. He runs away with a fellow mate, played by Scarlett Johansson. The director,Michael Bay worked as an intern with Steven Spieberg when he was 15. Wow.

Unfortunately, I am forever broke, so can only budget for three movies. But then we have our small tube!


I hope everybody caught LOST yesterday. It was so mind-blowing! But I did not how they stereotyped the korean couple.

Like on one scene, the black guy asked the korean woman whether she had seen his son. Then, her husband who was just nearby, shouted at the woman in korean and pointed at his own collar. Then the korean woman buttoned her top button of her cardigan in embarrassment. I was like "WHAT!".

Then another scene was when the husband was just slicing some raw fish for the others with his wife. When they had finished, the wife reached out to take some and the husband hit her hand like she is a child. Wah, it was crazy... Watching that scene just made me speechless.

And the most scary scene that shook me is how they listened to this robot-like voice message from the transister when they realised that some Franch woman is also stranded alone because her mates had all been killed by this "it". And that she had repeated the same message for 16 years. that was just so... "woah". Really really creepy and completely blew me away.

I am really looking forward to more of LOST. Even if it means that Channel 5 have to push THE OC to 11 pm! I am so sick of channel 5 changing the timeslot of OC! But at least this time they replace with LOST instead of some lousy show like THE BACHELOR last year.

Coming soon is MANHUNT!

Thanks to Channel 5, we girls are finally getting our weekly delectable dose of slick bronzed skin and blazing eyes. I'm excited already... After like lots and lots of shows watching women like AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL, the girls are popping the champange as some real hot guys are hitting our screens! At last. So looking forward, haha. Mark your calendars as MANHUNT will premiere June 22, Wed at 10pm. Ok, guys will be happy to know that MANHUNT will be hosted by Carmen Electra...

But while we countdown to MANHUNT, everybody please watch LOST! It's tons better than DH. Check out more here

Miss the pilot? Don't worry. Check out the screen caps here

Can't wait for next thursday!

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