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27 May Friday

Blogging at home so hopefully this entry will be a better one than the past few. Erm, I got mental block. Just a few moments ago, I got this whole lot of things to say but now I have trouble getting the thoughts out. So, this entry shall be one of those "write-what-I-think" and weird entries.

Anyway, I hang out with the class people today. It has been so long since I done that because my two sidekicks are always too busy to go. However I decided to go today because it has been so long. And of course, today is the start of THE GREAT SINGAPORE SALE! So exciting... ha.

Let me digress to the GSS first. This year, GSS is going to be bigger and better according to the papers. Not only will the shopping areas in CBD and the marina area participate, the malls we are familiar with in the heartland areas will also be offering attractive discounts!

I feel more excitement for this year's sale. Maybe because I started shopping more than I did last year. Bad reason but that is probably it. So anyway, today saw lots of shops gearing up for the sale. Not much buzz around Orchard but crowds are surely expected this weekend!

You know the event this year is going to be huge when the sale makes it to the headlines of the papers. This year, some malls are opening over midnight. Wisma was open till 1 am on the 26th, Marina Square is opening till 2 am on 4th june. On the 11th, Suntec and Citylink Mall opens till 2 am and midnight. On Fridays and Saturdays, Takashimaya will be openign till 10 pm too. Who needs Mustafa on these days?

Ok let me go back to the outing today. Honestly, it was quite a disappointing one. We were indecisive and on a whiny side most of the time. Maybe most of us were too tired after walking the Orcard stretch. So by the time we reached Heeren, everybody got a little irritated and tired. I think I even offended a fellow classmate~ (Which actually isn't that surprising)

Which leads me to think- maybe a group of classmate cannot go walk walk. That, I have to point the finger at the guys because guys are known to hate shopping and "walk-around-and-see-stuff". Right? I think so. Which means that if a class go out together, we have to do something and not just walk aimlessly.

I can think of only two activities a class can do after school.

One, watch movie. This is the perfect solution! No more worries what to do for two hours! Those who like the movie enjoy themselves, those who don't, can sleep. Everyone got something to do! But then, some will complain "no money leh!", "no good movies!", "I watch already!", "i hate cartoons/ horrors/ chick flicks!"...

Two, eat. Easiest solution since you can always find food a few steps away wherever you are. We can chat while eating and since we eat almost everything, no worries about what to eat. If you hate talking then just eat. But then, some will complain "no money leh!", "no good food!", "I eat already!", "i hate fast food/ food court/ cheap food!"...

Anyway, let me go into topic on guys hating to walk. I guess it is one of the questions no one really knows the answer. Girls are known for taking their sweet time walking around, looking at stuff. If they want to buy something, they will think and consider. For the guys, they avoid shopping like plague. They shop ONLY when they need to. Like if they find holes in all their socks and underwear, then they will start looking for new socks and underwear.When they found what they want, they will just grab the items and go. Maybe I am stereotyping but that is what I think.

Which leads me to think- what do couples do then? If guys hate shopping then wouldn't them be suffering when they go out with their girlfriends? So all they can do is to watch movies and eat again, and maybe walk around with their girl because there are really nothing to do.But then I thought, if the guy really like the girl, it will not matter where they go or what they are doing right?

But one thing I really cannot stand about the guys is that- why must you carry your girl's bag?! It's not that she brings so much shopping money out that her bag is too heavy for her "jade hands" right? I am disgusted when I see guys carry their girlfriend's bag. They do not look like the perfect boyfriend. They look like dogs! Or a butler. Although it is kind of sweet of the guy to ask to help the girl, there is absolutely no need to carry a girl's bag! If the guy is really desperate for some accesories, they can always offer to carry their girl's shopping bags.

Anyway, I had this really neat plan for June which is packed. Studying and more studying of course. I plan to study at some places, like Mcdonalds and Coffee Bean in Serangoon Gardens which is like quite condusive. If I am feeling lazy, then the Hougang Green which is like a hop away. Other than studying, there must also be time for some other stuff too. Or else I will lose more hair when school reopens. Plans for Spotlight, Ikea, KBox trips are on the way!

Being "internet-less" is really killing my social life!!


p/s: after reading this entry again, I realised I did not follow that "neat" plan! Eep! Looks like I have to come back to school everyday to study...

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