Friday, July 1

Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed.

Haven't update simply because I am lazy.

And because was terribly sick during the last two weeks of the holiday, so didn't manage to complete my revision work. Anyway I survived the exams and now, I am anticipating the results.

Yeah, the results...

Found my Persuasion book! I don't know who found it but Ms Kwok returned it to me. The thing is, I only got the book an hour before the lit exam. But oh well, at least I got my book back.
But anyway, this exam period was probably one of the best period this year.

Anyway I have not really attack the malls for the GSS although it is like ending soon. But I did some online shopping for the first time. It was more expensive and less satisfying tho. But sometimes, I really can't believe my luck. Something apparently happened to the ship which has my stuff and there was an oil spill. So all the stuff is ruined by oil! Can't believe my luck.

I love watching Manhunt. Jon Johnson is my favourite! I like everything about him haha. And it is great waiting for Ambush Makeover and Nancy Lam's annoying show at 12 pm everyday.

Anyone can make me a very happy girl with tickets to these gigs!

Good Charlotte - Noise To The World
Singapore Indoor Stadium, $69, 12 July

With enough angst and spiked hair for the fervent crowd to go mad, Good Charlotte will headline their punk anthem for the first time in Singapore. The tour is christened "Noise to the World 2005".

I just want to go...

Siti Live! 2005
Singapore Indoor Stadium, S$350 - S$55, 20 Jul

From the Royal Albert Hall in London to Singapore, VizPro Entertainment is proud to present Siti Nurhaliza live in concert for an exclusive one-night performance! Let this “Celine Dion of Asia” captivate you with her scintillating repertoire of pop and traditional songs.

I really like Siti Nurhaliza. Not only is she beautiful, she has this really captivating and powerful voice. Then there is this song which I really like, but do not know the title. This concert is going to be really good.

The Bravery Live in Singapore
Stadium Green at the Singapore Indoor Stadium Waterfront. $60, 05 Aug

The New York five-piece got its start in early 2003. After playing its first gig at the Stinger Club in Brooklyn in mid-summer, the Bravery's post-punk-influenced dance rock was all the rage. A residency at Arlene's Grocery and whispers on the street eventually led the Bravery to a recording contract with Island Def Jam in the States and Loog in the U.K. The Unconditional EP followed in early 2005. Critics almost immediately trounced on the band. The Village Voice proclaimed the Bravery to be "New York's Official Next Big Thing" while MTV and Rolling Stone hailed them as an artist to watch.

When I knew about this concert, I was like so happy! Because I simply LOVED their hit, Honest Mistake. What's more, Electrico will make an appearance! I wnat to go!

Corrinne May In Concert Safe in a Crazy World
Esplanade Concert Hall, S$38 - S$15, 10 Aug

Let Singaporean singer-songwriter, Corrinne May, take you through a sentimental evening of our favourite songs. With her angelic vocals and endearing charisma, it's no wonder this talented beauty has won a league of fans both in Singapore and abroad.She has performed internationally in famed venues such as the Hotel Café, The Mint and Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles; The Bitter End and The Living Room in New York. Her song, Save Me, was featured on Channel 5's TV drama, Chase. Journey, another hit tune was the theme song of popular Taiwanese drama, At The Dolphin Bay, and has been covered by Angela Zhang Shao Han and Gigi Leung. She has also written with legendary singer-songwriters Carole King and Carole Bayer Sager.

I think Corrinne May is really talented. It wuold be really nice to hear her sing live.

Had a good surprise! Just saw my long lost cousin on the way to school and it was so good to see him again. We kind of lost contact because the last time we talked was like years ago and we did not have stuff like handphones or emails at that time. So we had a long chat and that's probably the best surprise I had for so long.

Anyway, forgive me for saying but the Youth Day banner on the school website looks positively one for Children's Day. Thanks for giving back some memories.

Yeah I am aware of my mindless ramblings and no-structure post. I just have so much to say... Who is awwww?!

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