Wednesday, August 10

New York Day 2

Waking up post jet-lag was no small issue, especially if I only have about four days to spend with
cookie before he starts work full-time! Naturally, we wanted to explore the city together as much
as together.

I woke up at 4am and mistook the table lamp for sunshine, thinking that day has come. Very
fortunately, I managed to fall back asleep till proper morning. Nobody would want to deal a bad
bout of jet-lag with another case of jet-lag + lack of sleep. Double crankiness!

The first proper plan was to visit the Statue, of course. It was really fun snapping the statue
from all angles, including the butt, and doing jump shots in front of it.

Ellis Island, which was the first point of entry for New York immigrants, is just next to the statue and was the next stop.

Our apartment is within ten-minutes walk from Wall Street/ FiDi and we also took the chance
to visit cookie's office building and the nearby bank buildings and such. It was actually a rather
eye-opener. No problem looking odd and sticking out like a thumb in the area as there were
plenty of tourists hanging out and haha blocking the manhattanites' way too.

I swore I was having goosebumps, sitting at a raised pedestal and looking down at the crowd
rushing about their business. It was good to be right in the middle of all the action!

We dropped a speedy visit to SoHo and damn, the street took my breath away. It was not just
the stores and pretty clothes trust me, but rather the pretty people and the toocool vibe that
really drew me in. I guess being next to cool districts like TriBeCa and the artyfarty
Meatpacking helped.

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