Monday, November 8

think i first heard 12:51 in secondary school when vanessa included this in her mix-tape for
me. this girl used to be make me really cool mixtapes that i still do listen to even now. you
can be sure that she can make anything she touch be cool. 12:51 is still pretty awesome stuff
till now. this is what music does i guess. old songs bring back this certain phase of the past.
i must admit i miss the old friend at times, amidst the long walks into mrs tan's house for math
with the stinky boys and the post-school cp/ town hauntings. i cannot recall when we exactly
drifted apart & i dare not decide whether our friendship ended amicably. i still am puzzled over
some things said, not because of what but rather why. some things are not meant to be revisited.
i'll just relish.

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