Monday, October 4

have you had a moment when you are not feeling exactly in the best of spirits?


when you wish you can just step off the swing, sit around and enjoy the stillness.
when you know inside how fucking tired it is sometimes.
when you feel unsure about some things you did.
when you wish you can talk to yourself in the mirror cos nobody else will understand.
when you want to talk about it, but the words just won't come out.
when you wonder what it's like to be a stranger for a day.
when you secretly hope that sometimes time do reverse so that you can undo some actions.
when you wish that you can stay in that few special moments for just a while more.
when you know that some people will linger in your life although they are not there.
when you relish in the comfort knowing that a hug can allow you can take on anything.
when you wish that the hug was more than just for that brief few seconds.
when you say the things you don't mean to but you need to.
when you feel this hope is slowly eating you inside.

and when you know it.
and you cannot hide it.

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