Tuesday, April 27


Just some simple thoughts after the Star Awards 2010

- Joanne Peh is trying too hard to be sexy.
- Felicia Chin is looking less like her original self.
- Jeanette Aw still speaks funny.
- Jessica Liu is nice and bland, just like Crystal Jade porridge.
- Rui En has so much potential but where's the breakthrough.
- Time to award Eelyn Kok something!
- Fann Wong is looking good.
- Where's Zoe?
- I hate that Mark Lee can't bother with a suit and tie.
- Zheng Ge Ping is my ideal MILF.
- Nice new nose you got there, Hong Hui Fang.
- Time for Pan Ling Ling to schedule your next botox shot.
- Michelle Chia always look presentable.
- I wonder where Shawn Chen would sit if they're not married...
- Apple Hong who? Yawn.
- Tay Ping Hui is still there?
- I wish Dai Yang Tian would say something outrageous again to spice up things.
- Chen Han Wei is probably one of the very few male actors here who can act.

- Why did I waste my precious Sunday evening watching star awards?

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