Sunday, March 7


I think the first major suay event just happened to me today and I shouldn't be complaining
considering the fact that it happened during the third month of the year. The first two months
have treated me pretty well I must admit but this... this just reminds me how suay I am. Breathe,
breathe Jo!

I just finished the weekly thing with the peeps and was walking towards Adam Rd FC for a good dinner
when I started to receive calls/ smses asking me whether I am online. It was a rather strange
situation if you ask me because firstly, I don't get that question very often, and secondly, the
peeps whom you haven't been in contact for so long sms you again. After further sms probing, I got
to know that my Facebook and hotmail account were hacked and someone somewhere was using my
account to send chat messages to my friends randomly.

Very suay.

Firstly, got to say that I am very much alive and well in Singapore and I was still assuring the
peeps that I am not "held at gunpoint" and instead am enjoying my Tao Suan. Haha. Also, paiseh
that I cannot get any gifts back from UK. Besides, if I were to go UK, I think I would be
excited and announce to the whole world already.

It sucks that FB and MSN are down for me. I know that I am addicted to these two considering
how much time I dedicate to them everynight. I just didn't realised how addicted I am to them.
It feels downright socially handicapped without them. Not good if you ask me.

Anyway, I am just praying that my paypal issue will be settled asap and smoothly without
any cockups. Suayness, stay away from me!

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