Wednesday, January 20

Walk the talk

I find it kind of funny how I am able to hold proper conversations with older people, especially
those whom I respect and look up to. In this case, special people of the likes of Uncle Tan,
Da Jie, Nicey Sinti, and Cookie of course. Till now, I got to admit that the fact that I am 22
has not had the impact on me yet. What impact? The impact of the fact that I am indeed an adult,
an adult who is capable of making sound decisions and judgment on my feet and to react in ways
that results in the best possible situation for all. I always think that I am too simple-
minded, maybe it's my tendency to take things on their surface level and believing almost
everything that I see or hear. Also, not forgetting that I am generally quite a "people-person";
I see good first in people and I trust them too much for my own good. Perhaps this is one
difference from me and KY. I remembered her mentioning that she is inclined to watch out for
weaknesses and negative traits in people first. If she can accept them, then she will go
ahead and get to know the person further. The wise way to know people? I cannot be sure, but
I know this is not my protocol.

I feel a lot for the chats I have with these people. Uncle Tan always makes intriguing
comments - on almost everything we talk about. That is always why I am perhaps comfortable
talking to him about Cookie I guess. He has managed to strike that balance of being indifferent
and yet appear helpful in giving us tips on how to proceed from the situation here. I can see
how his achievement of being the top student in his psyc cohort in SMU is not for fake man.
Nicey Sinti or Sinti Bossy, is another person that I enjoyed speaking to as well. She is
one who looks impervious to all the nonsense that happened to her, but I guess not everyone
knows that deep down she is quite sensitive and not as strong as she seems. Now, there is
a difference from that and being weak. I look up to how she stands up so fast and continue
with life after all that she's been through. Professional! After her past stories, I had some
mixed feelings. On one hand, I am secretly and selfishly happy that she trusted me enough
to bare her past to me. On the other, I feel quite sad for her encounters, and maybe myself.
Myself, for being so weak when what happened to me was perhaps, not that such a big deal after

I do not give much oblation to people like this time. It must be the overdose of durians.